uneventful passage down this now established bit of resorted canal. No European race confronted with the problem of an immense coloured population has solved it more successfully than the Portuguese and their kinsmen in Brazil; in both countries intermarriage was freely resorted to, and the offspring of these mixed unions are superior in character and intelligence to most half-breeds. In Bede's time, if not before, London was resorted to by many merchants both by land and by sea. Examples of resort in a Sentence Noun Our first resort was to go to the police. Staying at a shabby motel was the couple’s last resort after learning all the decent inns were booked. Near Palo is the modern sea-bathing resortLadispoli, founded by Prince Odescalchi. Though some of those who resorted to the gymnasts, physicians and musicians derived from them such substitute for " higher education " as was before 447 generally obtainable, it was only incidentally that professional men and artists communicated anything which could be called by that name. Example sentences with "be resorted to", translation memory. " The angry protestors resorted to violence. " ludwig.guru Sentence examples for resorted from inspiring English sources. To accelerate the rate of filtration various devices are resorted to, such as lengthening the tube below the filtering material, increasing the pressure on the liquid being filtered, or decreasing it in the receiver of the filtrate. ludwig.guru Sentence examples for have resorted to from inspiring English sources. As the nearest colony to the Transvaal, Natal was resorted to by a large number of men, women and children, who were compelled to leave the Transvaal on the outbreak of the war. When blasting is resorted to, advantage is taken of the natural cuts or joints, as the rock is readily thrown or worked off these. 🔊 Full of trickery, the sly foxed used his subterfuge to sneak his way into the chicken coop. Horse-power is still extensively resorted to along the three canal systems. Translations of the phrase BE RESORTED from english to french and examples of the use of "BE RESORTED" in a sentence with their translations: Numerical methods have to be resorted to. Irrigation by "karez" is also largely resorted to. As a rule, sheep-farming is resorted to where the soil is of inferior quality and unsuitable for tillage and the breeding of cattle. 3. But conservative councilor Tommy Mann, a member of the Fire Authority, is disappointed that loans had to be resorted to. While moderate in personal expenditure, Julius resorted to objectionable means of replenishing the papal treasury, which had been exhausted by Alexander VI., and of providing funds for his numerous enterprises; simony and traffic in indulgences were increasingly prevalent. In the great majority of birds it has disappeared completely and the primitive way of everting the cloaca is resorted to. In 1527, supported by the diet, he carried his measures for secularizing such portions of the Church property as he thought fit, and for subjecting the Church to the royal power (Ordinances of Vesteras); but many of the old religious ceremonies and practices were permitted to continue, and it was not until 1592 that Lutheranism was officially sanctioned by the Swedish synod .2 Charles V., finding that his efforts to check the spread of the religious schism were unsuccessful, resorted once more to conferences between Roman Catholic and Lutheran theologians, but it became apparent that no permanent compromise was possible. Rhymes Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Mentions] Phrase rhymes Descriptive words Definitions Similar sound 1 One has sometimes to resort to these little devices. He made capital of the Socialist agitation and of the repression to which other statesmen resorted, and gave the agitators to understand that were he premier they would be allowed a free hand. Those practices, in turn, to use the obscure word resorted to by the Administration, somehow "migrated" to U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, as if no human hand had been involved in the dissemination. It is true that he is severe towards infidels; and his approval of the knight who, finding a Jew likely to get the better of a theological argument, resorted to the baculine variety of logic, does not meet the views of the 10th century. During that fortnight of anxiety Natasha resorted to the baby for comfort so often, and fussed over him so much, that she overfed him and he fell ill. Translations of the word RESORTED from english to swedish and examples of the use of "RESORTED" in a sentence with their translations: That was before you resorted to violence and hostage-taking. Speaking generally, the New Town wzs resorted to by professional men - lawyers, doctors and artists, - and in its principal streets will be found the head offices of the leading banks and insurance offices, all lodged in buildings of remarkable architectural pretensions. And I think the resort is about 25% overpriced, considering the worn-down state of the place and the fact you can get a two-night package at the definitely more upmarket Avillion in Port Dickson (also not really PD, but a dozen kilometres south) from about RM800 as well. For excommunication differs from anathema: anathema which ought to be very rarely, or never, resorted to, in precluding all pardon, execrates a person, and devotes him to eternal perdition: whereas excommunication rather censures and punishes his conduct. In 1870 a new policy of railway development by the direct agency of the state was inaugurated; and in 1880 the system of encouraging private enterprise by state assistance was again resorted to. "’ Synonyms have recourse to , fall back on, turn to, look to, make use of, … The town is the chief centre of business in East Galloway, and it is also resorted to in midsummer for its beautiful scenery and excellent fishing. The capacious links bordering the sea between the mouths of the two rivers are largely resorted to for open-air recreation; there is here a rifle range where a "wapinschaw," or shooting tournament, is held annually. Jule had shattered her carefully built world in a day, and he'd done it without the brutal lessons her father resorted to. The best method of application is by rubbing in a small quantity of the aconitine ointment until numbness is felt, but the costliness of this preparation causes the use of the aconite liniment to be commonly resorted to. dead and the court a prey to faction, but, dauntless as ever in the pursuit of his ambition, he resorted to his favourite arm of preaching, and on Epiphany Day, 1662, in the royal chapel, he replied to his persecutors in a famous rhetorical effort, and called for the execution of the royal decrees in favour of the Indians. 110 F.). Some were injured and others resorted to tearing the clothes off display mannequins. Voluntary enlistment under the new Militia Bill was to be the rule: compulsory service was only to be resorted to if voluntary enlistment should fail. Your loved one will probably know you forgot and resorted to sending it because it was something you could do in a matter of minutes rather than going out and putting thought into getting something special. Abstruse in a sentence? A peat bath, similar to those at Franzensbad in Bohemia, has also been established. Nor did Valdemar hesitate to meet his people in public and periodically render an account of his stewardship. He was acquainted moreover with Latin grammar, under the influence of which he resorted to the innovation of dividing the Hebrew vowels into five long vowels and five short, previous grammarians having simply spoken of seven vowels without distinction of quantity. This wise policy, to which he consistently adhered to the close of his reign, was not followed by his son and successor Constans, who, after repeated attempts to win over the sect by bribes, resorted to persecution. Informal consultations, which take up most of our time must only be resorted to in exceptional circumstances. To enable it to bear the expense involved in all these undertakings, the local treasury was generally assisted by large benefactions, either in money or in works, from individual citizens; but direct taxation for municipal purposes was hardly ever resorted to. Blome in 1673 speaks of Warrington market as an important one "for linen cloth, corn, cattle, provisions and fish, being much resorted to by the Welshmen," and in 1730 Defoe says the market was especially famous for "a sort of table linen called Huk-a-back or Huk-abuk.". MultiUn. A statue of the Virgin stands on a rock projecting above the grotto, the walls of which are covered with crutches atld other votive offerings; the spot, which is resorted to by multitudes of pilgrims from all quarters of the world, is marked by a basilica built above the grotto and consecrated in 1876. long have been resorted to, provided with a steel eye at the top and a ring near the centre of gravity to enable them to be worked (fig. 3 If negotiations fail we shall have to resort to strike action. Either as a colonia or a municipium, Ravenna remained for more than two centuries an inconsiderable city of Gallia Cisalpina, chiefly noticeable as the place in which Caesar during his ten years' command in Gaul frequently resorted in order to confer with his friends from Rome, and from which he started for his advance into Italy. Poulticing is at this stage perhaps resorted to. Hunting and fishing are resorted to, and the skins and furs are tanned. Various devices were resorted to, old and new, to fill the treasury. Then the pope resorted to pawning palace furniture, table plate, jewels, even statues of the apostles. The harbour of the village of Kinloch, at the head of Loch Scresort, is resorted to during gales from the N.W. Now it is true that before 447 B.C., besides the teachers of writing, gymnastics and music, to whom the young Greek resorted for elementary instruction, there were artists and artisans who not only practised their crafts, but also communicated them to apprentices and pupils, and that accordingly the Platonic Protagoras recognizes in the gymnast Iccus, the physician Herodicus, and the musicians Agathocles and Pythoclides, forerunners of the sophists. To appease these, offerings are made to them either direct or through the mediation of the Devas (domestic or agrarian deities); and if these avail not, the Menyepi or Great Sacrifice is resorted to. It contains the most popular place of pilgrimage in Oudh, the tomb of Masaud, a champion of Islam, slain in battle by the confederate Rajputs in 1033, which is resorted to by Mahommedans and Hindus alike. To turn to or make use of a person, strategy, or course of action for help or as a means of achieving something: The government resorted to censorship of the press. The well-known paper of Lawes, Gilbert and Pugh (1861), " On the Sources of the Nitrogen of Vegetation,. But although she resorted to all sorts of expedients, even to that of trying to pass off a changeling as the grand duke's child, she was not successful. The operation is best performed early in autumn, and may be safely resorted to in the case of fruit trees FIG. At last Japan resorted to arms, and her success against Russia in the war of 1904-5 enabled her to resume her influence over Korea. He did not condemn fasting altogether, but thought that it ought to be resorted to in the spirit of gospel freedom according as each occasion should arise. Division, or partition, is usually resorted to in the case of tufted growing plants, chiefly perennial herbs; they may be evergreen, as chamomile or thrift, or when dormant may consist only of underground crowns, as larkspur or lily-of-thevalley; but in either case the old tufted plant being dug up may be divided into separate pieces, each furnished with roots, and, when replanted, generally starting on its own account … Its hot springs and mud baths are much resorted to, and were known to the Romans as Aponi Eons or Aquae Patavinae. Random good picture Not show. Learn Ludwig. Fine aluminium will not burn below the temperature of molten cast iron, and previous experimenters had resorted to heating their mixtures in a crucible. Some of the finer pears do not unite readily with the quince, and in this case double working is resorted to; that is to say, a vigorous-growing pear is first grafted on the quince, and then the choicer pear is grafted on the pear introduced as its foster parent. Giuliano became de facto head of the government, but he did not pursue the usual vindictive policy of his house, although he resorted to the Laurentian method of amusing the citizens with splendid festivities. This procedure in regard to experts is common to both the civil and commercial courts, but it is much more frequently resorted to in the commercial court than in the civil court, and the investigation is usually conducted by special experts officially attached to each of these courts " (Bodington, French Law of Evidence, London, 1904, p. 102). Where, as in private herbaria, the specimens are not liable to be handled with great frequency, a stitch here and there round the stem, tied at the back of the sheet, or slips of paper passed over the stem through two slits in the sheet and attached with gum to its back, or simply strips of gummed paper laid across the stem, may be resorted to. The policy pursued was to declare the permanency of the rights existing at the time of the British interposition, conditionally upon the maintenance of order; to adjust and guarantee the relations of subordinate and tributary chiefs to their superiors so as to prevent all further disputes or encroachments; and to settle the claims of the ousted landholders, who had resorted to pillage or blackmail, by fixing grants of land to be made to them, or settling the money allowances to be paid to them. He resorted to the worst flattery and chicanery to win the job. They will resort to anything to get to get what they want. " The circumstances which render necessary the habitual pursuit of wild animals, either as a means of subsistence or for self-defence, generally accompany a phase of human progress distinctly inferior to the pastoral and agricultural stages; resorted to as a recreation, however, the practice of the chase in most cases indicates a considerable degree of civilization, and sometimes ultimately becomes the almost distinctive employment of the classes which are possessed of most leisure and wealth. : Even so, some fear that the situation might degenerate into a quagmire in which the rebels resort to protracted guerrilla warfare. The police had to resort to force to remove the violent protestors. " Thus he reached the New Siberian or Liakhov Islands, and for years afterwards the seekers for fossil ivory resorted to them. Victorian Charm - Only a few miles from Cardiff, Penarth preserves the look and atmosphere of a small Victorian seaside resort. In such doubtful cases a number of characters have to be resorted to, and, while each of these may fail when taken singly, their combination decides the question.