It’s fresh and easy, plus it’s packed with water and nutrients. Can You Make Watermelon Salad Ahead of Time? Courtesy of Two Peas and Their Pod. By The Associated Press PUBLISHED: July 8, 2013 at 10:17 a.m. | … I love to make this salad for cookouts. It contains vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Potassium, Copper, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A. ), go ahead and place the watermelon and the arugula in a large bowl.. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil (use high quality one), add freshly squeezed lemon juice, and season with salt and pepper. This watermelon salad recipe is truly easy to make and it’s one of the best watermelon recipes out there. A simple fruit salad is the perfect bbq side dish or summer snack. Dress with the vinaigrette and gently toss to combine. This homemade watermelon cucumber salad is actually perfect for cookouts or as quick lunches. Now that your watermelon is cubed, and the arugula is washed and dried (I like to use this salad spinner to dry all of my greens and herbs, it’s a lifesaver! It pairs well with whatever you’re grilling, whether that be portobello mushroom burgers or dogs, black bean burgers, veggie burgers, or corn on the cob. Cucumber Basil and Watermelon Salad Hands down, the most refreshing salad ever. 29 Comments 722 words. First of all, I endured great agony over what to call this unbelievably delicious and delightful concoction that’s as scrumptious with a bowl of tortilla chips as it is served on top of grilled chicken or fish. The quintessential summer salad with lots of lycopene. Get the recipe from Foodie Crush. Perfect with grilled meat on a hot day! Or just add the mint and feta cheese on the day of serving. Sprinkle the crumbled feta on top. About 4 minutes to read this article. Tomatoes and watermelon are a match made in heaven! Make this completely the night ahead and store it in the fridge. It doesn’t really matter though. This is best served at room temperature. It’s just matter of chopping a few ingredients and throwing them together on a platter. Watermelon and feta are a great match — and they are at the center of this salad paired with grilled pork tenderloin. It’s just matter of chopping a few ingredients and throwing them together on a platter. Dress the salad right before you eat it. Yes, you can. What to Serve with Watermelon Salad. Serve with chips or on top of grilled chicken or fish...or as a side salad! Assemble The Watermelon Salad! What to Serve with Watermelon Salad? When ready to serve, combine the watermelon, cucumber and scallions in a large bowl. 9 of 13.